Our team is made up of technological enthusiasts who are passionate about what we do and strive each day to find ways to do it better. We realize that our customers need their products to work consistently - and they need reliable support. We utilize a team-based approach so our clients know there is always someone available to assist them.


Part of our philosophy (in addition to professional system design and installation) is our focus on providing a strong customer service experience before installation, during installation, and for years to come (after the fact). We strive to make sure that when someone becomes a client, they are a client for life and not forgotten when the next job starts. 


Our team utilizes a consultative approach when determining video security requirements for our clients. We understand there are more surveillance choices than ever - the main component of our service responsibility is to understand your specific challenges, then provide you with the appropriate level of education so you feel both informed and confident that you are making the right decision with your surveillance system selection.

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Interested in a new surveillance system for your business? Time for an upgrade? Either way, our team has got you covered. Utilizing a consultative approach to security focused on your unique business needs and combining that with the latest and greatest technology options out there allows us to not just give you a solution - we give you the MAX solution.

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