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6 Burglar Deterrents That Boost Security
Posted on September 29, 2017 11:47 AM by Max Video
Categories: Home Security
Home burglaries are more common than a majority of people want to believe.  No matter how safe you feel, it is always in your best interest to take every possible step to deter burglars. The following are 6 burglar deterrents that will boost the security of your home.
Install Strong & Visible Locks

Typically, burglars get into your home through the doors or windows so a heavy and sturdy lock can drastically help deter burglars. Do your research and choose a quality lock that is well-known to withstand a potential break-in.  Burglars are likely to be discouraged if the first sight they see is a lock that has a reputation of being indestructible.
Home Security System Installation

There are a variety of home security systems to choose from but the point is that you have one. A basic security system with an alarm is better than not having one at all. Choose from a reputable security company that is known to respond rapidly so you are safe at all times.
A Residential Security Camera Installation

Surveillance cameras are very effective towards deterring potential burglars. Your residential security camera installation should be performed in a way that burglars are recorded. If they can’t be then use a fake camera that is hard for criminals to recognize the difference.
Home Security Analysis

An important step is to invite a security expert or a local law enforcement official to your house so they can help you identify security vulnerabilities. An expert may be able to point out deficiencies in your home’s security which helps address any security gaps.
Set Up Lights

Motion activated lights should be installed where lighting is inadequate at night so burglars are startled when they approach an entry point. Often, the best place for these lights to be installed is near entrances and dark corners.
Regularly Check Your Locks

Some burglaries occur because doors are accidentally left unlocked overnight so remember to lock your doors. Set a timer to eliminate human error if you are forgetful. Leave nothing to chance when it comes to the security of your home by investing in as many deterrent measures as you can to reduce the risk of a home invasion.

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