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Alarming Home Invasion Statistics That Might Surprise You
Posted on May 8, 2017 8:51 AM by Max Video
Categories: Home Security
Occasionally, home security camera installation is viewed by some homeowners as preparing for an event that will never happen.  The reason many people have this tendency is due to them never experiencing the cruel fate of their home being invaded.  Not being prepared for an invasion only makes a homeowner more prone to becoming a victim one day.  The truth is that home invasions happen frequently and all homeowners should be aware of the statistics so they can protect themselves and their homes.
Staggering Statistics
In the United States, statistics are reported each year on home invasions and homeowners overlook the likelihood of a potential burglary.  For instance, a home is burglarized almost every 15 seconds which means four homes are broken into in 1 minute.  As a homeowner, this makes it essential for you to seriously consider a home security camera installation as a deterrent measure.
In 30% of all burglary cases reported, burglars gained entry into the house through doors and windows that were left open.  60% of the time involves burglars using methods that require force where they break a lock or window to gain entry.  Interestingly, 33% of burglars attempt to gain entry through the front door so ensure that area is given special emphasis when installing the security system.  What statistic should you know if you don’t have a security system?
Make Your Home 70% Safer
A majority of criminals are no longer clueless about video security.  Before committing a burglary, they often take the time to search for any signs of a security system.  If one is discovered, a study shows that 70% of burglars will avoid attempting a break-in as they know homes without video security are the ones to target.  A home invasion is the last event any homeowner wants to go through so prepare yourself by installing a security system and stay up-to-date on the latest statistics.

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