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Have You Evaluated The Vulnerabilities Of Your Home?
Posted on July 10, 2017 2:52 PM by Max Video
Categories: Home Security
As a homeowner, you need to frequently evaluate your security system to ensure that it functions at an optimum level and has no vulnerabilities.  Your residential security camera installation has to be performed in such a way that all crucial areas are covered and there are no blind spots that burglars could use to their advantage.  The following tips will help you evaluate any possible vulnerability so steps may be taken to resolve them.
Video Surveillance Vulnerabilities
A residential security camera installation that fails to fully cover all the areas of your residence leads to vulnerabilities that make your home an easy target.  Evaluate the areas covered by current cameras in place and see if you can identify places where additional cameras may need to be installed.  All locations that could potentially be used by burglars to enter your home require 24/7 video surveillance which include doors, windows, garage entry, and the stairway.
Eliminate Any Weak Points
Most burglars usually take advantage when they have the cover of darkness so verify there is adequate lighting all around your property, especially near doors and windows.  In regard to locks, test deadbolts to ensure they are strong enough to withstand an attempted forced entry.  One option is to invest in smart locks which allow you to remotely keep track of who enters your home.
If windows and doors are vulnerable, consider installing sensors as a way to improve security and lessen the risk where your system may be weak.  Sensors can be programmed to turn on smart lights or to sound off the alarm.  If an alarm is part of your security system, ensure the personnel with the alarm company respond promptly when the alarm is triggered.
Confirm your home is always safe by periodically assessing the cameras, alarms, sensors, locks, and security lights to remove any potential weak spot.  When it comes to security, never take a chance as you never know when your home might be targeted by a burglar.

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