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How To Keep Your Surveillance System Safe From Vandals
Posted on June 16, 2017 8:46 AM by Max Video
A security system is a priceless investment for many businesses and homes as it discourages potential thieves and helps catch criminals in the act.  Due to this reason, your surveillance system is often a target for most vandals who would rather not be caught on camera.  The following advice ensures any security surveillance system installation is performed in a way that cameras are vandal proof.
Camera Placement & Wiring
To avoid vandalism, strategically place your cameras so they are not easily reachable or noticeable.  One option is to position the cameras as high as possible so vandals have a difficult time attempting to damage them.  Indoor cameras are more difficult to elevate than outdoor ones, but the general idea is to place any camera at the highest possible position without compromising the quality of what is being recorded.
Additionally, camera wiring should be routed in a way that it is out of sight because vandals may attempt to detach or cut the wiring.  While keeping cameras out of sight, you also need to remember to position your cameras so blind spots are avoided.  Blind spots make it easier for vandals to sneak up on a camera and destroy it without being caught.  What other measure can be taken to protect your security system?
Use Protective Casings
A variety of vandal proof casings are available today that are worth a look during your security surveillance system installation.  While these casings are not completely indestructible, they are able to sustain a great deal of impact and make it extremely difficult for vandals to ruin your surveillance system.  For example, domes that fit around the camera have been known to remain intact even when they were hit with a sledgehammer.  There are always going to be delinquents and criminals who want to destroy your security system.  Apply these measures during the installation process to save yourself the potential cost of having to replace surveillance cameras.

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