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How You Should Secure Your Home Before Leaving For Vacation
Posted on August 24, 2017 10:33 AM by Max Video
Categories: Home Security
Vacation is a time where many people travel to a new or favorite place that is usually far from home. During that time, you need to ensure the safety of your home so you enjoy your time away without worrying if your home has been broken into. Make sure that your residential security camera installation is performed in a way that your home has no vulnerabilities.  Start by creating a checklist to enhance the security of your home so the time away is more enjoyable.
Ensure Entries Are Secure

Most burglars gain access into a home through an entry on the first floor. Before going on vacation, you should confirm all doors and windows are secured with smart locks and sensors. Additionally, notify your security company about your vacation plans so they are alert and respond promptly if there would be any suspicious activity.
Use Smart Lights To Your Advantage

One sign that burglars are likely to notice that you may be on vacation is if your house remains dark for consecutive nights. A lack of lighting could be all a burglar needs to gain confidence and take advantage of your absence. An outdoor residential security camera installation will be adequate for deterring burglars, but it is important to use smart lights without attracting attention. Lights should be programmed to turn on when movement is detected or when a sensor is triggered.

Most security systems are set up so a smart phone can be used to keep track of your home while being away on vacation. Frequently, many people go to social media to post their plans and forget their home could be broken into. A potential burglar could see your plans on social media so never share information that will make your empty house more vulnerable. Instead, use social media upon returning home and always go over a checklist to verify your home is safe every year.  Please contact us if you need help with your residential security camera installation.

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