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Important Steps For Your Business To Prevent Shoplifting
Posted on November 13, 2017 8:54 AM by Max Video
Categories: Commercial Security
If you own or manage a store, you might already know how damaging shoplifting can be for a small business. According to statistics from the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention, billions of dollars are lost to shoplifting every year. The biggest challenge for owners is that shoplifters may be ordinary looking people so identifying them is not easy.
These days, many owners install commercial surveillance cameras as a way of curbing shoplifting which has proven to be very effective.  Aside from that, here are a few other steps you can take to prevent shoplifting in your store.
Warning Signs
In many cases, shoplifters actually have enough money to pay for the items they steal but they still go ahead and shoplift. Often, they perceive the risks as minimal and think they won’t be caught. To reverse this viewpoint, post warning signs in strategic points of your store to notify them that they are being watched and the consequences are severe.
Security Devices
Install commercial surveillance cameras, motion sensors, and other security devices in plain view to show potential thieves that you take theft prevention seriously. Whether you use functional or fake devices, this strategy works as it gives shoplifters the feeling that they are being watched. Also, install mirrors all over the store to eliminate blind spots as thieves usually target those areas.
Attentive Staff
Aside from discouraging thieves, make sure all employees are trained to detect suspicious behavior and identify thieves. Inform them when your business has more customers than usual so they are extra attentive during those times. Additionally, notify them which areas a thief may target as expensive merchandise and blind spots are often at the top of the list.
Businesses should take shoplifting seriously and ensure employees are properly-trained even if security cameras are installed. Shoplifting can be extremely costly and avoided in most cases when preventative measures are regularly used.

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