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Protect Your Business From Digital, Outside, and Employee Theft
Posted on October 30, 2017 8:49 AM by Max Video
Categories: Commercial Security
If you're running a business, in addition to staying on top of all the logistical aspects, you have to make sure your company is safe and protected. You have to do all you can to protect against threats coming from all over the place. Whether you're using commercial surveillance cameras to monitor your company's parking lot or stepping up your digital security -- you better be focusing on protecting your business in every way possible. 
Cyber Attacks  
As a business owner in 2017, you have to beware of cyber attacks at all times. No matter what industry you’re working in, these online criminals will stop at nothing to take advantage of your lack of digital security and could end up hacking your entire financial system. It’s important to work with cyber security professionals in order to fight back against these online hackers and keep your finances, personal information, and company documents safe and secure. 
Criminal Burglary
There are millions of criminals out there who are always looking for vulnerable businesses. Whether it’s premeditated or not, if a criminal walks by your company and notices an entranceway with little-to-know security, they will have a great chance of walking out of their with your valuable items. That’s exactly why you should have business security cameras installed. It’s estimated that roughly 67% of burglaries could be avoided by installing a video surveillance system. Find the best surveillance cameras for small businesses to ensure completely protection from criminal burglaries. 
Employee Theft  
Employee theft happens much more than we like to think in this country. Whether it’s disgruntled employees who are in financial trouble or workers who’s intentions are to steal from their employer, this form of theft needs to be addressed. Security cameras aren’t just for watching your building’s perimeter and keeping an eye out for outsiders. These cameras are just as useful for preventing employe theft. You can find the best business security cameras to watch both outsiders and your staff. Also, having commercial surveillance cameras can not only eliminate employee theft, but they can also significantly improve productivity in the workplace. 
If you want to learn more about commercial surveillance cameras or are in need of video surveillance installation services, contact Max Video Systems today and keep your business (and everything and everyone inside it) safe. 

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