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The Best Way To Deter The Theft Of Packages
Posted on May 16, 2017 8:28 AM by Max Video
Categories: Home Security
Security surveillance system installation has gained popularity in the last few years in both public and private sectors. They are essential for detecting any form of intrusion when a place is left unattended and their use has extended to preventing the theft of packages.
If you purchase items by going online, you know that receiving packages at your doorstep is an enjoyable experience but it may also make you the target of a thief.  During the holiday season, an estimated 70% of homeowners shop online so how can you reduce your risk of being a victim of package theft?
24/7 Surveillance
When compared to other measures, security cameras offer 24/7 surveillance with no window of opportunity for thieves to steal a delivery.  The initial security surveillance system installation may be a bit of an investment up-front but it gives you maximum assurance that provides peace of mind.  You can have your packages delivered in your absence and not feel forced to be home at the time the package arrives.
Online shopping is only expected to increase as technology simplifies the process for making purchases.  With security cameras in place, most thieves will be afraid of going anywhere near your home as they want to keep their identity hidden.  Lower your risk for being a victim of package theft with a surveillance system and follow the statistics.
Value Your Packages
With video surveillance, footage can be recovered from the system when the package was stolen which is influential in helping the authorities identify the thief.  In 2016, 11 million homeowners in the United States had a package stolen and those packages averaged a cost of $200 each.  According to one survey, homeowners typically receive 27 packages in a year and nobody wants to spend money replacing stolen items.  Invest in a surveillance system today to ensure your packages are secure throughout the year whether you are at work or on vacation!

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