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Valuable Tips That Put An End To Employee Theft & Deceit
Posted on October 24, 2017 10:15 AM by Max Video
Categories: Commercial Security
Did you know on average that 6% of businesses revenues are lost to employee theft?  That is based on reliable data from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.  As a matter of fact, employee theft is a leading threat to the success of businesses.
Some factors that contribute to theft are careless hiring, misplaced trust, and failure to thoroughly carry out a security surveillance system installation.  Additionally, lack of basic financial controls can create an environment prone to employee theft and fraud within your business.  Here are four tips to help you protect your business from employees.
Hire Honest Individuals
When hiring new workers, perform thorough background checks with regard to lawsuits, restraining orders, theft, violence, and fraud.  Part of the hiring process should be focused on details so make sure their education is genuine and from an accredited institution.  The last aspect to check on when hiring a new employee is their reason for leaving their previous job.
Generate A Positive Environment
A positive working environment is one that encourages workers to abide by procedures and to take actions that benefit the business.  The best way to achieve that is by establishing well-written job descriptions, creating comprehensive procedures, and rewarding good performance.  An open communication line between management and workers can also make a difference.
Perform Audits
Routine audits are generally done at the same time every year, but a great way to catch fraudulent activity and identify vulnerabilities is to perform an audit without any announcement.  This tactic keeps unethical employees uncomfortable as they are never sure when an audit may transpire.
Lead By Example
One rule you should follow whether you’re the manager or the owner is to always abide by the rules.  Funds or profits generated from sales are not to be used for personal enjoyment.  Instead, deposit all money into the bank account associated with the business and employees that handle money will follow suit.  Not only does a security surveillance system installation put an end to theft but it keeps employees honest as they know the business is protected by cameras!

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