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Which Security Cameras Are Right For You?
Posted on December 6, 2017 1:39 PM by Max Video
Categories: Home Security
A security surveillance system installation is absolutely essential if you’re looking to improve your business.  Most people think a surveillance system just offers security but the benefits go well beyond that.  For instance, it helps you monitor employees and ensure they’re working as expected whether you are present or not.
Nonetheless, many business owners find it challenging to choose the right security camera system as each model offers different features.  Below are a few factors that should be considered to make sure you’ve chosen the right camera.
The first step when choosing a security system typically involves deciding if you want the cameras to be seen or hidden. Are you installing the cameras to remind people they are being watched with the intention of curbing theft?
If so, the box-style camera would be the system of choice for this type of application.  However, if you’re looking to monitor activities in a secretively fashion, consider cameras that can be installed in hidden areas so any activity may be closely monitored.
Image Clarity & Level Of Detail
How big is your firm?  This is an important aspect when determining which camera offers the best resolution without overspending.  If you operate a large retail store, cameras that offer a high resolution may be the best choice so the image quality doesn't get compromised during zooming.  On the other hand, lower resolution cameras may be adequate for an office or smaller store.

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