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Why Home Security Cameras Are Useful For Baby Monitoring
Posted on November 17, 2017 11:20 AM by Max Video
Categories: Home Security
Are you looking to do a residential security camera installation to monitor your baby? You can either install a wireless camera (or home security camera) or use a video baby monitor. Wireless cameras are security cameras that you can use wirelessly over the internet while baby monitors are simple systems that let you see and listen to a baby remotely.
Although baby monitors often include features like heat and humidity sensors, two-way audio, and light displays to help soothe the baby; they typically don’t offer the same video storage capabilities as home security cameras.  Here are a few other factors that make home security cameras the ideal choice for baby monitoring.
Ability To Change The Camera Angle
If you have a baby that you intend to observe from the office, then you might want to be able to move the camera according to the child’s activity. Wireless cameras offer you that kind of adaptability as they come with adjustable camera angles to help cover large areas.  Baby monitors on the other hand, only let you track your baby in a limited area such as a crib or playpen. What other advantages can you expect from security cameras?
Integrate Into A Monitoring Network
Wireless cameras normally come with software that you need to set up on a computer before using the cameras. During the set-up process, you have the option of integrating the system into another network which means security cameras are compatible with some devices. This allows multiple people to watch the baby at the same time and they can be at different locations.
You might be looking for a device that offers you flexibility. With a wireless camera, you may remove and relocate the system once it’s no longer needed for baby monitoring. A residential security camera installation serves many purposes where as baby monitors are designed specifically for one. Ultimately, home security cameras are a better long-term choice which has proven to be more flexible and useful!

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