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Posted on November 13, 2017 8:54 AM by Max Video
Categories: Commercial Security
If you own or manage a store, you might already know how damaging shoplifting can be for a small business. According to statistics from the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention, billions of dollars are lost to shoplifting every year. The biggest challenge for owners is that shoplifters may be ordinary looking people so identifying them is not easy.
These days, many owners install commercial surveillance cameras as a way of curbing shoplifting which has proven to be very effective.  Aside from that, here are a few other steps you can take to prevent shoplifting in your store.
Warning Signs
In many cases, shoplifters actually have enough money to pay for the items they steal but they still go ahead and shoplift. Often, they perceive the risks as minimal and think they won’t be caught. To reverse this viewpoint, post warning signs in strategic points of your store to notify them that they are being watched and the consequences are severe.
Security Devices
Install commercial surveillance cameras, motion sensors, and other security devices in plain view to show potential thieves that you take theft prevention seriously. Whether you use functional or fake devices, this strategy works as it gives shoplifters the feeling that they are being watched. Also, install mirrors all over the store to eliminate blind spots as thieves usually target those areas.
Attentive Staff
Aside from discouraging thieves, make sure all employees are trained to detect suspicious behavior and identify thieves. Inform them when your business has more customers than usual so they are extra attentive during those times. Additionally, notify them which areas a thief may target as expensive merchandise and blind spots are often at the top of the list.
Businesses should take shoplifting seriously and ensure employees are properly-trained even if security cameras are installed. Shoplifting can be extremely costly and avoided in most cases when preventative measures are regularly used.
Posted on October 30, 2017 8:49 AM by Max Video
Categories: Commercial Security
If you're running a business, in addition to staying on top of all the logistical aspects, you have to make sure your company is safe and protected. You have to do all you can to protect against threats coming from all over the place. Whether you're using commercial surveillance cameras to monitor your company's parking lot or stepping up your digital security -- you better be focusing on protecting your business in every way possible. 
Cyber Attacks  
As a business owner in 2017, you have to beware of cyber attacks at all times. No matter what industry you’re working in, these online criminals will stop at nothing to take advantage of your lack of digital security and could end up hacking your entire financial system. It’s important to work with cyber security professionals in order to fight back against these online hackers and keep your finances, personal information, and company documents safe and secure. 
Criminal Burglary
There are millions of criminals out there who are always looking for vulnerable businesses. Whether it’s premeditated or not, if a criminal walks by your company and notices an entranceway with little-to-know security, they will have a great chance of walking out of their with your valuable items. That’s exactly why you should have business security cameras installed. It’s estimated that roughly 67% of burglaries could be avoided by installing a video surveillance system. Find the best surveillance cameras for small businesses to ensure completely protection from criminal burglaries. 
Employee Theft  
Employee theft happens much more than we like to think in this country. Whether it’s disgruntled employees who are in financial trouble or workers who’s intentions are to steal from their employer, this form of theft needs to be addressed. Security cameras aren’t just for watching your building’s perimeter and keeping an eye out for outsiders. These cameras are just as useful for preventing employe theft. You can find the best business security cameras to watch both outsiders and your staff. Also, having commercial surveillance cameras can not only eliminate employee theft, but they can also significantly improve productivity in the workplace. 
If you want to learn more about commercial surveillance cameras or are in need of video surveillance installation services, contact Max Video Systems today and keep your business (and everything and everyone inside it) safe. 
Posted on October 24, 2017 10:15 AM by Max Video
Categories: Commercial Security
Did you know on average that 6% of businesses revenues are lost to employee theft?  That is based on reliable data from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.  As a matter of fact, employee theft is a leading threat to the success of businesses.
Some factors that contribute to theft are careless hiring, misplaced trust, and failure to thoroughly carry out a security surveillance system installation.  Additionally, lack of basic financial controls can create an environment prone to employee theft and fraud within your business.  Here are four tips to help you protect your business from employees.
Hire Honest Individuals
When hiring new workers, perform thorough background checks with regard to lawsuits, restraining orders, theft, violence, and fraud.  Part of the hiring process should be focused on details so make sure their education is genuine and from an accredited institution.  The last aspect to check on when hiring a new employee is their reason for leaving their previous job.
Generate A Positive Environment
A positive working environment is one that encourages workers to abide by procedures and to take actions that benefit the business.  The best way to achieve that is by establishing well-written job descriptions, creating comprehensive procedures, and rewarding good performance.  An open communication line between management and workers can also make a difference.
Perform Audits
Routine audits are generally done at the same time every year, but a great way to catch fraudulent activity and identify vulnerabilities is to perform an audit without any announcement.  This tactic keeps unethical employees uncomfortable as they are never sure when an audit may transpire.
Lead By Example
One rule you should follow whether you’re the manager or the owner is to always abide by the rules.  Funds or profits generated from sales are not to be used for personal enjoyment.  Instead, deposit all money into the bank account associated with the business and employees that handle money will follow suit.  Not only does a security surveillance system installation put an end to theft but it keeps employees honest as they know the business is protected by cameras!
Posted on October 9, 2017 11:16 AM by Max Video
Categories: Commercial Security
When investing in Commercial Surveillance Cameras, you need to ensure that the system you choose is the best for your business. There is a wide variety of security systems and surveillance cameras on the market so take some time to research them before making a decision. Here is what you should understand before purchasing a security system for your business.
Why You Need Commercial Surveillance Cameras

Cameras are an important component to any security system so you need to understand what gains you hope to get from installing security cameras. Establish the benefits you are in search of to put yourself in a better position to select cameras that serve a long-term purpose for your business.

Max Video Systems will thoroughly analyze the security needs of your place and explain which cameras are best suited for you. For example, some businesses are better off with hidden surveillance cameras and other places are better suited to have them in the open.
Understand The Technical Specifications

Obviously, cameras have different technical specifications so it’s beneficial for you to choose a camera that is ideal for your particular scenario. For instance, lenses vary depending on the distance and stronger lenses are superior since they capture more details which can be used for facial recognition.

Yet, cost may play a role so you need to select surveillance cameras that offer you the best footage while staying within your intended budget. Another technical feature to take into consideration is the level of lighting necessary for the camera to capture quality footage. If possible, test different cameras or read their reviews online to determine which one is optimal for your business.

Above all, seek the advice of a security expert when factoring in what level of lighting you want and be diligent when choosing a surveillance system. If you fully understand your security needs, you’ll likely select a security system that is effective towards protecting your business from an attack or theft.
Posted on October 2, 2017 10:18 AM by Max Video
Categories: Commercial Security
As a small business owner, you have to be careful no matter what industry you're working in. Not only do you have to be careful and protect your actual cash revenue, but you have to protect your product inventory, your equipment, your employees, and your property. 
Because so much is riding on keeping all your costly items and your finances safe, as a small business owner you should do everything you can to protect your business. Here are a few things to consider in order to keep your company afloat in the competitive marketplace. 

Beware of employee theft   
According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, it's estimated that employee theft costs U.S. business owners between $20 billion and $40 billion each year. Far too many business owners are diligent about protecting their organizations from outside criminals, but spend no time, money, or energy preventing employee theft. Because employee theft is so common and so costly, it's essential that you not only monitor your employees to the best of your ability, but you hire trustworthy staff members from the start. Be sure to actually check each individual reference and have serious conversations with potential job candidates before you hire just anyone. 
Security surveillance system installation   
By purchasing the best surveillance cameras for small businesses, you'll be able to actually sleep at night knowing that your money, items, and property are protected. It's estimated that 67% of all burglaries can be avoided by security surveillance system installation. In addition to these cameras providing preventative measures, you'll be able to (most likely) get to the bottom of who actually committed any crime since it would be on camera.  
Keep tabs on everything
Although monitoring your items with commercial surveillance cameras is a great way to stay organized, you should still perform daily inventory checks so there isn't any confusion each day. Not knowing when something is missing right away will only give the criminal a better chance of getting away. So go through your entire inventory and keep diligent track of your finances every day. 
Whether you need business or home security cameras systems, working with security surveillance system installation is a must. If you want to learn more about protecting your small business or work with video surveillance installation services, contact Max Video Systems. 
Posted on September 6, 2017 10:17 AM by Max Video
As a small business owner, you want to invest in commercial surveillance cameras that keep your business protected well into the future. The risk of losing property to theft or vandalism is a possibility for any small business and a security system greatly reduces that risk. A security system not only protects your business from criminals but it can be beneficial in the following ways.
Lower The Likelihood Of Loss

Your small business may be incurring losses due to theft by employees or customers. Often, these are happening and many owners are unaware of the situation. Properly installed commercial surveillance cameras greatly discourage instances of theft as most thieves check if a security system is in place first. If they proceed, you can be sure the cameras catch them in the act.

Not only does a security system deter a break-in after working hours but the presence alone can be instrumental towards ensuring your small business runs smoothly. Employees who know that the business premises are under surveillance are less likely to slack off. Additionally, customers who see themselves on spot cameras near the entrance are less likely to shoplift or vandalize your property. These are just a couple of the benefits you can expect with a robust security system.
Fraudulent Lawsuits & Insurance Premiums

Employees or customers who become annoyed are less likely to file fraudulent lawsuits against your business when they know you have recorded video of the incident. Insurance companies are also known to reward small businesses that have a security system by giving a discount on insurance premiums.

With a security system, you can expect to see an increase in your employees’ productivity, reduced property loss, less legal issues, and lower insurance premiums. In the long run, it is an investment that pays for itself and allows you to focus on other aspects so your business grows at a faster rate.
Posted on July 17, 2017 9:10 AM by Max Video
Categories: Commercial Security
Today, a quality security system to protect your business is a smart investment whether or not you feel it is necessary.  Failure to invest in commercial surveillance cameras and other components will put your business at risk in more ways than you might first imagine.  As a result, your business could suffer in a number of ways that negatively affect it long-term.  Have you thought about the potential consequences your business may face due to inadequate security?
Security & Legal Consequences
Without proper protection, your business is at a higher risk for robberies and vandalism.  There are many benefits to having commercial surveillance cameras on your business premises but maybe the most beneficial aspect is that criminals will be caught or deterred.  Additionally, cameras installed in key areas will help eliminate employees from stealing any property or engaging in activities that could undermine the growth of your business.
A security system properly installed will deter all sorts of troubling activity but you are also responsible for the security of your customers and their personal information.  If either of those is ever in jeopardy, legal action might be taken against your business.  As a business owner, you should protect your customers and their personal information by investing in the best security system so the business never faces legal action.
Maintain A Quality Reputation
Your reputation can be a determining factor if a customer chooses your company or the competition.  When a business experiences theft or vandalism, it can be perceived as a bad sign to customers and cause them to choose another business.
Often, business owners that have inadequate security for their business forget how far reaching the consequences are when negative events take place on their premises.  Invest in a security system that protects your business from being affected by criminal activities, legal liabilities, or public relations issues.
Posted on June 16, 2017 8:46 AM by Max Video
A security system is a priceless investment for many businesses and homes as it discourages potential thieves and helps catch criminals in the act.  Due to this reason, your surveillance system is often a target for most vandals who would rather not be caught on camera.  The following advice ensures any security surveillance system installation is performed in a way that cameras are vandal proof.
Camera Placement & Wiring
To avoid vandalism, strategically place your cameras so they are not easily reachable or noticeable.  One option is to position the cameras as high as possible so vandals have a difficult time attempting to damage them.  Indoor cameras are more difficult to elevate than outdoor ones, but the general idea is to place any camera at the highest possible position without compromising the quality of what is being recorded.
Additionally, camera wiring should be routed in a way that it is out of sight because vandals may attempt to detach or cut the wiring.  While keeping cameras out of sight, you also need to remember to position your cameras so blind spots are avoided.  Blind spots make it easier for vandals to sneak up on a camera and destroy it without being caught.  What other measure can be taken to protect your security system?
Use Protective Casings
A variety of vandal proof casings are available today that are worth a look during your security surveillance system installation.  While these casings are not completely indestructible, they are able to sustain a great deal of impact and make it extremely difficult for vandals to ruin your surveillance system.  For example, domes that fit around the camera have been known to remain intact even when they were hit with a sledgehammer.  There are always going to be delinquents and criminals who want to destroy your security system.  Apply these measures during the installation process to save yourself the potential cost of having to replace surveillance cameras.
Posted on May 31, 2017 8:27 AM by Max Video
Categories: Commercial Security
Businesses face many challenges that can affect how successful they are when it comes to achieving their goals. Commercial surveillance cameras play an important role in protecting a business as they can be used for a variety of reasons.  Not only do cameras eliminate theft but they improve how well a business is managed and help control employee absenteeism.  Consider the following tips for your business to get the most benefit from video surveillance.
Valuable Video Surveillance Techniques
The key for a business to get the most out of commercial surveillance cameras is to consider each area where the business might be vulnerable. A great place to start is all places where transactions occur as money and data should always be given priority. This eliminates the potential for any illegal activity as your employees deal with clients and it monitors their work. Verify the location of the camera captures the desired angle or unexplained cash losses could happen.
In an ideal situation, cameras will capture all points where anyone is able to enter the business. The main entrance and parking area are obvious areas to have cameras as staff and customers want security when entering or exiting your business. Aside from that, cameras typically lead to increased performance from staff when they know their actions are being monitored. Often, employees want to be viewed as an asset to the business so they spend more time being productive which leads to a more efficient business.
Security After Hours
An additional area where video surveillance provides a business more protection is when the staff has left for the day. Some outsourcing services may be performed after business hours so you never know if their service is worth the expense. With video surveillance, you will always know the activity that is happening inside your business whether you are present or not. Make security a priority to ensure your business is safe for daily operations and avoid costly vulnerability issues.
Posted on May 10, 2017 8:52 AM by Max Video
Categories: Commercial Security
If you're running a business, on top of overseeing every aspect of your company to ensure success; sales, employment, product development, distribution, etc., you have to do everything you can to protect your company as well. Theft can completely destroy an otherwise successful organization so it's essential that you do everything you can to prevent theft of any kind from harming your company. 
Here are a few ways to protect your business from theft. 
  1. Use the best business security cameras -- It is estimated that more than half -- 67% -- of burglaries can be completely prevented by installing video surveillance. The best surveillance cameras for small business can be both hidden and obvious. A good system can prevent criminals from entering and record them if they bypass the commercial surveillance cameras that are visible. Don't leave your company vulnerable for these criminals to enter and steal your valuable items. Install some of the best business security cameras and keep your company safe.
  2. Keep cash and important items inside a secure safe -- Even if these burglars do in fact enter your place of work and bypass the security system, it's up to you to make it extremely difficult to find anything valuable. Keep all the expensive items you have in your building, along with any excess cash, locked up in secure safes.
  3. Hire trusted employees -- Sadly, it's not always outside criminals that are responsible for theft. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, employee theft alone costs businesses between $20 billion and $40 billion a year. Make sure that each and every employee that steps foot into your building is trustworthy.
  4. Perform random checks -- On both the video surveillance system and in person, you should periodically check each part of your building. Whether it's the middle of the workday or midnight on a weekend, take a look on your security camera and see if you notice any suspicious activity. If you find anything, contact the authorities right away. 
Don't let theft destroy your business. If you want to learn more about video surveillance installation services and have the best business security cameras, contact Max Video Systems today. 

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