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commercial surveillance
Commercial Surveillance
A security surveillance system camera can monitor a variety of areas or focus on a single key area such as a cash register. The HD quality images capture faces and details. This helps reduce employee theft and automatic recordings prove what actions took place. We help businesses of any size and provide custom solutions.
home security cameras
Home Security Cameras
Camera technology continues to advance. The lower costs for quality cameras and more offerings has resulted in security surveillance systems becoming very common. Our clients like the ability to monitor their home when they are away or when there is a strange sound in the middle of the night.
camera systems
Camera Systems
IP allows for megapixel cameras, with vastly superior resolution and quality, to capture details that analog cameras miss or too fuzzy to see. For example, clearer facial images and characters on license plates. Systems that are IP based are also easy to expand when you decide to add more cameras to your security surveillance system.

Security Surveillance System Installation

Indianapolis Home Security Camera
Our Service Area
Our service area covers Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio. We are also available to travel across the US for our corporate clients. So, if you need help installing cameras for your security surveillance system, audio/visual, access controls or home automation, we will come to your location and review your project with you. We have various systems to choose from so that we can fit your needs and budget.
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Common Questions About Security Cameras

Below are some questions commonly asked regarding security cameras and installation.

No, we also sell analog CCTV, install basic to custom home theater, and projectors for conference and media rooms.
This can vary depending on several factors: video recording resolution, video compression, number of cameras, and frame rates per second. Call us and we can determine bandwidth requirements in your free quote.
We currently have techs to service Indianapolis, Chicago, Cincinnati, Louisville, and surrounding areas. Although, we do have security surveillance system installation partners nationwide.
When it comes to cameras, the old saying "you get what you pay for" comes into play. Those cheap systems provide low resolution, with minimal to no night vision. The cameras are secured with thumbscrews which come loose from wind and temperature changes. The bottom of the line DVRs usually need random reboots, and can freeze up at any time. View our live demo to see the clarity and value of our IP cameras.
Yes, we honor all manufacturer warranties, and also have annual service agreements available. We have a representative standing by to take your call 24/7!
Yes, call us and we can tell you about our equipment lease option with a one dollar buyout after 12 or 18 months. Monthly payments start at $99 for 12 months, and $79 over an 18 month period.
Yes we can, although we provide a limited 180 day labor warranty. We require using our Honeywell UV protected cable. Pre terminated, or "plug and play" cable that comes with the kits can be used, but will void our labor warranty due to the poor quality of that particular cable.
No. Keep in mind that you still have to hard wire power cable to each wireless camera, which defeats the purpose of using wireless cameras altogether. Inclement weather can drastically reduce the signal, and cause outages. We highly recommend against using these systems. All of our systems are hardwired, with excellent reliability. Failure rates of our cameras and recorders is under 2%, which is the industry standard for professional grade equipment.

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