What cameras do we work with?

We are comfortable working with all major camera brands.

How do we determine which camera is right for you?

Part of our consultation process is focused on completing a 'needs of analysis' to determine your budget requirements. The type and brand of camera will be a major driver of cost for your system and overall project. Our robust supply chain innovations have allowed us to identify ways to maximize your value by suggesting multiple solutions and alternatives to your security challenges so we can identify the right one for you.

What does this mean in practice?

We are able to install and support the most expensive and high-end brands. Due to budget constraints, most customers will use a value-led alternative, where we provide cameras that are built to similar specifications through our factory partners. The end result is a significant cost reduction for a project, where you are able to get enterprise-level results for thousands of dollars less.

Where do we provide service?

We primarily provide service in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Missouri - but we are available nationally.

Which industries have we provided our service to most?

Real estate - property management companies, apartments, hotels, and other residences Restaurants - one locations businesses to major franchise chains Storage Businesses Logistics Organizations General office complexes - satellite locations to corporate headquarters.

What other services to we offer?

We offer camera retrofitting, access control, fire alarms, burglar alarms, A/V system design, and IT support.

What is an IP Camera?

IP stands for Internet Protocol. An IP camera is a digital video system that is able to transmit data over a network.

What is an analog security camera?

Analog systems use a wired transmitter to send images to a receiver. Operating an analog camera requires running a wire between the camera and monitor, along with a coaxial cable to send data. Analog security cameras may be cheaper but they are distance-limited and cannot be accessed remotely.