Thermal Camera Fever Detection

Specialty thermal camera systems are capable of highly accurate body temperature measurement - allowing safe, no-contact fever detection immediately as people enter buildings or designated areas. Ideal for quick screenings for hospitals, manufacturers, distribution facilities and more. 

How proven is this technology? 

Thermal measurement devices have been around for decades and been trusted for private business, government and military applications. The leading major manufacturers of this technology include Flir Systems (learn more here) and Dahua (additional details here).  After the SARS epidemic in the early 2000's, China implemented temperature monitoring systems as a "first line of defense" for future viruses.


These tools are not direct replacements for medical professionals or testing, but they are an additional resource to quickly identify individuals in public who have elevated temperatures (and may not even recognize that they are potentially sick or contagious). In China, as those who have elevated temperatures and fevers are uncovered, they get escorted to specialty "fever clinics" to receive the care they need. In terms of the COVID-19 virus, this approach has allowed China and South Korea to lower the curve / rate of new transmissions and get the overall population on a faster path to recovery.         

How can I learn more or get a system for my facility? 

Global demand is incredibly high for this system currently; we're the largest integrator for this technology in Indiana and are available to answer any additional questions and provide further education on the solution via phone, email and chat. 

Alternatively, you can schedule us for a free consultation (virtual or onsite). Click here to set an appointment today! 

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How The Solution Works

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