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Home Security Cameras Installation

Home Security Cameras
Don't Fall Victim to Burglaries or Vandalism
According to the 2015 FBI Crime Report, burglaries of residential properties accounted for 71.6% of all burglary offenses. High Definition cameras are an excellent deterrent. When crime strikes, installing home security cameras provide the evidence you need to press charges. Without home security cameras, the police will hand you their card and you become another unsolved crime statistic.
Outdoor Security Camera Installation
With the surge in online purchases, theft of packages left on the front porch is on the rise. Open garage doors are also a open invitation for thieves to borrow your tools. With our motion detection recording, you have proof of who was on your property and which of your prized possessions these thieves walked away with.
Indoor Security Camera Installation
There are many benefits for monitoring the inside of your home as well. When you are away, you can find out what your pet is up to. If an elderly relative is living in your home, you will be able to monitor their status and those who are giving them care. It's easier to be a parent by checking the camera when a baby is crying or the children are playing "too quietly". When the housekeeper is cleaning, you can check their thoroughness and how they handled your possessions.
Vacation Homes
Whether you are away on vacation or have a second home, don't stress over the status of your home. Use your phone to view your cameras in real-time and play back past recordings. It's easy and reassuring to know your home is secure.  This is how home security cameras installation gives you piece of mind.
Avoid Low Quality Cameras
There are many DIY camera kits on the market. These cameras come at a lower cost, quality and require you to handle the installation yourself. These kits can result in low resolution, plastic housings that crack and condensation that fogs up permanently on the lens. We want you to avoid these issues and the hassle of returning the cameras when problems occur.
Quality Products and Quality Installation
With Max Video Systems, we provide HD cameras and easy to use software so that you can enjoy all of the benefits of having home security cameras. We work directly with you at your home so that we can ensure we design the correct system, offer you the right cameras and install those cameras in the best locations. We have many packages and services to choose from so that we can create a home security cameras installation solution to fit your unique needs.
Home Security Cameras Installation

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