Industries and Areas Served

All of them

Whether residential, retail, government, industrial, warehousing and distribution, commercial, education, mobile or more - we have experience in your space and can provide tailored support based on the best practices that we've seen firsthand. We know video security and have seen the successful application of this technology across thousands of happy customers. 

We're equipped to focus on both your general surveillance challenges and the ones that are specific and unique to you!

Which industries have we worked with the most?


  • Real estate, including property management companies, apartments, hotels and other residences

  • Restaurants, from "one location businesses" to "major franchise chains"

  • Storage businesses

  • Logistics organizations

  • General office complexes, from "satellite locations" to "corporate headquarters". 

What is our service area?


We primarily serve Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Missouri - but we are available (and have done work) nationally.

Interested in a new surveillance system for your business? Time for an upgrade? Either way, our team has got you covered. Utilizing a consultative approach to security focused on your unique business needs and combining that with the latest and greatest technology options out there allows us to not just give you a solution - we give you the MAX solution.

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