What Security Camera Brands Do We Work With?

We're comfortable with all major camera brands; however, part of our consultation process is focused on completing a robust "needs analysis" to determine your budget requirements. The type and brand of camera is going to be a major driver of cost for your system and the overall project.  

Not all cameras are created equally - and there are some product models out there that are just poor performers. Still, though in general you do get what you pay for - with better features and reliability with more expensive video security cameras, our robust supply chain innovations have allowed us to identify ways to maximize your value by suggesting multiple solutions and alternatives to your security challenges so that we can identify the right one that fits your needs.

What does this mean in practice?

We have the ability to install and support the most expensive and high-end camera brands like Avigilon and Axis, but for most customers, due to budget constraints, the optimal solution is going to be a value-led alternative (where we provide cameras that are built to similar specifications through our factory partners). The end result is a significant cost reduction for a given project - where you're able to get enterprise-level results for thousands of dollars less.        

Interested in a new surveillance system for your business? Time for an upgrade? Either way, our team has got you covered. Utilizing a consultative approach to security focused on your unique business needs and combining that with the latest and greatest technology options out there allows us to not just give you a solution - we give you the MAX solution.

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