The MVS team utilizes a consultative approach to determining video security requirements for our clients. These days, there are more surveillance choices than ever – and so we feel that a main component of our service responsibility is to first do a deep dive into understanding your specific challenges and then to provide the appropriate level of education so that you can feel both informed and confident that you’re making the right choice within your surveillance system selection. We provide:  

  • Design expertise and specialization (versus generalization). Video surveillance is what we do; we’re equipped to handle challenges as they come and solve them quickly because we work on video surveillance every day – this is our core business and focus. Whether a smaller job or complex project, our experience often allows us to foresee potential issues and solve them – before they happen.

  • A system that will have value and longevity; thanks to our robust supply chain innovations, we’re able to offer best-in-class equipment that is often at a fraction of the cost of the competition. We don’t go to a big box retailer and buy things off the shelf; we source equipment that is appropriately built-to-spec (commercial grade) and designed for your specific use-cases, has a failure rate well below 1% and is expected to have a useful life of 10 years. The equipment is hard-wired and reliable. The market rate for the package we designed for you (at this level of equipment specification along with high quality installation) would typically be twice the price that you're paying or more. By doing our homework, we’re able to give you more for less.     

  • We maintain a team of in-house professional service technicians that receive consistent continued education and training. We don’t consider our job done after the install is finished; we follow-up and keep-in-touch. We’re here  for the long haul – that’s why we go far beyond the industry standard – providing a 3-year warranty (at a minimum) on all of our camera work. We’re always just a phone call or email away.

The MAX Difference

Interested in a new surveillance system for your business? Time for an upgrade? Either way, our team has got you covered. Utilizing a consultative approach to security focused on your unique business needs and combining that with the latest and greatest technology options out there allows us to not just give you a solution - we give you the MAX solution.

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